Imagination & Trauma


Transforming Imagery in the Treatment of Complex PTSD Toronto 2005 This paper, presented at the 22nd Conference of the International Society For the Study of Trauma and Dissociation held in Toronto on November 8, 2005, addressed the question: How can the creative imagination be accessed to help a person heal traumatic memories? Patients often spontaneously [...]

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Dreams & Nightmares


The Use of Dreams in EMDR Therapy, Montreal 2012 In this paper, given for EMDR Canada, I posed the question: How does dreaming assist in EMDR therapy? I reviewed the neuroscience of dreaming, which has established that dreaming is an essential mammalian/avian activity that underlies learning. Dreaming thought and waking thought differ. When awake, logic [...]

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Sleep Disorders


Treating Disordered Sleep With EMDR, Atlanta 2009 This presentation for the EMDR International Association Conference in 2009, focused on: Can EMDR restore disturbed sleep? I presented evidence from my practice showing how the frequently associated symptom of disordered sleep patterns, primarily insomnia and nightmares, responded to EMDR therapy. In fact, EMDR therapy appears to be [...]

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Psychiatric Drugs & EMDR


EMDR with the Psychiatrically Medicated Client Edinburgh 2014 In this presentation to EMDR Europe I posed the question: Are psychiatric drugs helpful or harmful to EMDR psychotherapy? I found in my practice that psychiatric drugs caused therapy to be far more difficult. However, when medicated clients judiciously tapered off these highly addictive medications, their original [...]

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